Esham Family Farm

Goats For A Better You!

Welcome to our web page... We started our operation in 2006 being a small scale producer of percentage Boer Goats. Since then we have grown in many directions. We now offer Goat Yoga classes with miniature goats and produce quality bath and body products with our own goat's milk. Our boys still show and we still have our percentage Boer Goats but we have added great things to our original goat herd. Please have a look around and if you have questions contact us!

Goat Yoga Studio
Yoga Goats

Laverne & Louise 

These goats are just waiting for the next Goat Yoga class!

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Baby Goat Yoga

Thelma checking out the Yogi's.

She just wants you to be in class.

Let her crazy personality make you 

forget the day!